Silvian Heach

About the brand

Silvian Heach is owned by Arav Fashion SpA, Italy. It has 2 brands, Silvian Heach and Sh.

These two brands are registering a great success in Italy and abroad (e. g. we have recently signed for the
openings in Iran). Apart from the main collections they are creating capsule collections in order to diversify the assortment and which are modified by external designers.

o  60 monobrand stores in Italy and in the world
o  65 personalized corners in Italy and in the world
o  1500 multiband retailers in Italy and in the world

Company History

Arav Fashion was founded in 2002 with the Silvian Heach project, a women’s fashion brand with a clear, ambitious philosophy: to create affordable, stylish, easy-to-interpret clothes. Silvian Heach was an immediate commercial success from its first year in business, enabling the two founding partners – Mena Marano and Giuseppe Ammaturo – to lay the foundations to help expand the brand around Italy and abroad, thanks to considerable retail development with a franchising formula. 2009 saw the launch of Silvian Heach Kids, a new challenge for the Group.
The childrenswear line is dedicated to children aged from 1 month to 16 years and was the result of a special collaboration with Pietro Oliva. Two years later, it became Arav Kids Spa. In September 2011, Arav Fashion launched a web & social media project including various digital platforms and featuring the whole brand portfolio, with a website, e-commerce and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram).
It is still in the process of implementation and development. In 2012, following a licensing agreement signed between Arav and the British carmaker, the Aston Martin baby fashion collection, an exclusive project for clothing with a British spirit, for children aged from 1 month to 16 years, was officially presented at Pitti Bimbo.

Over the years that followed, the Arav universe continued its expansion: in March 2014, Silvian Heach entered the eyewear sector for the first time, offering an Eyewear collection including sunglasses and prescription glasses, while the SS/15 season marks the grand debut of the new SH and Silvian Heach Denim lines.

Today, more than 10 years after it was set up, the Arav Group aims to consolidate its market position in both the women’s and children’s sector and, at the same time, increase its presence abroad. The goal is to reach 2017 with a substantial balance between the internal market and exports.

Mission and Values

Determination, teamwork and passion. Cross-cutting fashion in terms of proposals and targets. Easy-tointerpret moods, accessible to different women on different occasions.

Three cornerstones of the Arav Group’s philosophy which have remained unchanged since its foundation. Arav Fashion has always focused on a strong sense of corporate identity to pursue its business goals at every stage of the creative, production and distribution process.

It is thanks to these unchanged values that the Group is able to offer high quality products that are always in line with trends, promptly adapting to the challenges imposed by changes with a problem solving spirit.

For Arav, each evolution of the fashion system is a great strategic opportunity for improvement, stimulating new energy and determination for future growth.

Silvian Heach

Silvian Heach is the spearhead of the Arav Group Womenswear with a strong identity for a woman who wants to feel charming and spirited, with garments with a significant style content and highly competitive pricing. A Silvian Heach woman loves good taste and quality products, combined with a strong passion for attention to detail. Bold characterization that is reflected in the store fit-outs, as well as in the ADV images with their strong evocative power. The great attention to detail in terms of communication and the fashion on offer are the expression of the constant desire to stay close to the needs of the female target, to help them identify with the brand and make shopping time a truly gratifying experience.



  • 60 DEDICATED STORES in Italy and abroad

  • 65 PERSONALISED CONCESSIONS (including 16 at Coin and 9 at La Rinascente)

  • TRAVEL FLAGSHIPSTORE at Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa and Naples Capodichino airports

  • 1.500 MULTI-BRAND RETAILERS in Italy and abroad

  • DEDICATED E-COMMERCE in all UE countries

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